Are you feeling exhausted? Is your body in extreme pain? Do go for Herbal Potli Therapy and experience its benefits Color Cafe Salon & Spa. It is the natural impressive healer to heal pain and…


Are you feeling exhausted? Is your body in extreme pain? Do go for Herbal Potli Therapy and experience its benefits Color Cafe Salon & Spa. It is the natural impressive healer to heal pain and illnesses profoundly. One of the best benefits of Potli therapy is to drive your tension and anxiety away like a walk in the park at 6 O’clock. You may or may not have come across the term “Potli” or “Kizhi ” before. Many people who have heard the term sometimes remain under the misconception that this therapy is just some service offered nowadays in spas. However, Potli Therapy or Kizhi is actually an age-old Ayurvedic technique and it has many benefits. It has been practiced for centuries not only in India but also in other parts of South East Asia like Thailand.

A detailed explanation of the Therapy would be as follows. Kizhi or Potli Therapy is an Ayurvedic therapy wherein warm poultices are filled with natural ingredients like herbal powders, oils, or certain medical concoctions and then are massaged all over the body. These warm poultices are meant to massage specific parts of the whole body and induce perspiration. This sweat is caused due to the presence of herbs in the Potli (poultices). This therapy is widely recommended for women above 30s when they start facing bone-related concerns and Kizhi is quite effective in alleviating such weaknesses.

What are the ingredients and herbs in a Potli Therapy?

Ayurveda, as you would know, is known to be one of India’s oldest medicinal traditions and Potli therapy (Kizhi) lies in its roots. Now that you know some basics about therapies, let’s dive into the details of it and learn more about the ingredients and herbs that play major roles in Kizhi. Potli’s contain a wide variety of Ayurvedic herbs and leaves and they are used in both forms, dried and fresh. Here are some of them:

•Ashwagandha: This herb is excellent for reducing stress and helping relax tensed muscles

•Mustard and neem: These are yet other ingredients that help the skin and body detox

•Turmeric and ginger: These ingredients are widely used in Indian cuisine because of their many benefits. In Potli Therapy, they are used to revitalize and purify the body

•Rosemary and rice: These two ingredients are great in this therapy because they not only help improve blood circulation throughout the body but also help in easing tensed muscles.

•Aloe vera and onion: Lastly, though you would know the benefits of aloe vera, onion is also great in Potli Therapy as it helps reduce inflammation.

These herbs and ingredients may be used in combination or individually depending on which type of Potli Therapy you are recommended.

What is the procedure followed in Potli Therapy?

First, we will select the herbs that will do the magic in the entire therapy session. Then those herbs will be added to that poultice bag or muslin cloth. These herbs are sometimes added dried or heated in herbal oil before adding in that bag. Now your poultice is ready and will be massaged all over the body, One will put gentle pressure while applying the Potli to the affected areas. Getting a professional therapist for Potli therapy is more wonderful than doing it yourself. Because a therapist is experienced and well-aware of where to put the Potli, the duration of putting the Potli, and everything.

Key benefits of Potli Therapy

‘Kizhi’ or Potli Therapy, as we mentioned before, has incredible benefits, not only on your body but on your mind as well. Physically, this is excellent for helping treat illnesses like spondylitis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulders, and others.

Here are the key benefits that you would get out of this Therapy:

• It alleviates muscle and joint pains, stiffness and doshas

• Potli Therapy helps the body detox of wastes and toxins, thus making it feel nourished and rejuvenated

• It can also help reduce ageing symptoms

• Helps improve the quality of your skin

• It could also help reduce body weight

Experience the relaxing and rejuvenating Herbal Potli Therapy at Color Cafe today!