By Director & CSO, Color Cafe Salon Pali Hill, Bandra West.


A busy week is a part of our life. Exhaustion, stress, tension and work pressure are a few of the most common and frequent emotions a person can feel in today’s world. In this, finding time for refreshment and relaxation is extremely difficult. Time and weekends are the most important thing that we have and a person thinks twice before they invest it somewhere.

However won’t it be amazing to feel not only rejuvenated but also ready to jump right back into your work-packed schedule? Won’t it be nice to have a fresh and healthy mindset when you get back to your tasks? And won’t it be nice to have a break without looking for faraway holiday destinations?

Well, here is where a Salon & Spa come in. An all-in-one solution.

Let’s understand it through an example.

We have two people here. Mickey and Donald. Now Mickey is the CEO of a Multinational Company. He works day in and day out. Donald is the General Manager in another company. He too, works extremely hard. Weekend arrives. CEO Mickey and GM Donald, both are to work on an important presentation on a billion dollars Investment in the share market for their client on Monday. Both of them are very stressed and exhausted after a long tiring week. GM Donald goes home and gets straight to work. Where else CEO Mickey book an appointment for body spa therapy, and foot and head reflexology. After the spa, he gets home, refreshed, recharged and highly energized and goes out again with his family for a lovely dinner. He then gets to work.

On the other hand, GM Donald who got right to work had an argument with his family, is over-stressed for his presentation, has anxiety, is making frequent mistakes while preparing his part of the presentation and isn’t fully focused on work.

Monday arrives. GM Donald is late because he worked late at night for the presentation without sleep. Whereas CEO Mickey arrived an hour early to look over the set-up for the presentation and recheck everything twice.

During the presentation, GM Donald messes up a lot and CEO Mickey is cool, calm and collected.

We can all guess who handled the presentation well.

A break is what one needs before and after a busy week. CEO Mickey, who de-stressed himself was ready to work. Whereas GM Donald who was working without a break didn’t think about recharging himself.

The concept here is very simple. As long as your body is refreshed, your mind is in a state of peace.

A salon & spa helps in both. Peace of mind and refreshment of body. Self-care is one of the best things a person can do for themselves. It not only affects you but also your loved ones, your career, your environment and your work life.