Nails are something that protects your fingers and your nail bed from harsh objects.Nail extension is a new way of making nails look pretty and it has been a part of the trend now. Girls go crazy with the designs and the colours as it brings the personality out of the people. It does not only look fancy but also looks fashionable. They too hold the trends of different pattern, colour schemes, designs. For those who don’t know what are extensions, extensions are your fake nails that give you the instant length and shape of your choice. There are different type of nail extensions that includes different materials in it.. So many interesting and unique patterns can be found in the beautiful world of nails at Color Café Salon Spa.


Different Types Of Nail Extension

1. Acrylic Nails

It is the oldest form of nail extension. It is a powder that turns into a gel with the help of liquid used in it as a chemical to solidify the paste. Then the paste takes the form of a nail and it can be filed in the shape that you like. The paste dries up automatically without the use of UV rays or any other thing.

They are made up of monomer liquid mixed with a polymer powder that forms the paste. They lasted for a good 3-4 weeks. At the time of new growth of your nails, you can get a refill.

2. Gel Nails

A thick layer is applied on your nail or on the extension to create a shape. These nails need to get dry with the help of UV rays or LED lights and requires. They are quite expensive than the acrylic ones.

They can be of any colour just like acrylics but they are on the expensive side. details can be made on the nails like marble, french or any other detailing that you want can be done.

3. Express Nails

These nails are also known as Gel-X or Apres. These nails are the fastest process of getting a nail extension, in this, the gel is applied underneath the nail and is pressed into your nails. Then they are cured under the UV rays as it needs to get fixed properly. UV rays make them stronger and

It is similar to the stick-on nails but is more durable than that. They stay for a longer period than they stick on.

4. Dip Powder

They are also known as SNS nails. If you are allergic to nail paints or you don’t like the smell of varnish you can go for powder nails. They come in different shades and colours so you don’t need to worry about that.

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