By Chitra Kumari, Advocate (High Court), Guest from Color Cafe salon


The modern world is full of hectic schedule and overambitious aspiration of each human being. Today we have lost our emotions and societal behavior in the race against time, money and comfort. In the wake of achieving our lofty and commercial aspiration human behavior has become more stressful in order to achieve more productivity. According to WHO report, every third person in the world is victim of stress leading to depression and finally reducing the efficiency of productivity. As far as relationship between stress and productivity is concerned both the actions are inversely related which means, when stress factor increases it causes loss of productivity. If we consider the scientific relationship same can be explained that every matter is productive when it is in its normal state of configuration. Even psychological research emphasize that when you are in stress you deviate yourself from normal approach if work which decreases your efficiency to more productive. A creative and productive mind requires healthy and open thinking. Some people work better in stress but that too has limited application restricted to particular level.

But for increasing productivity and adding efficient productivity requires controlled activity of body, which can also train your body and mind to prepared for hard times where you can handle the stress in more effective way. For instance, when I went for my body spa I felt to so rejuvenated and prepared for all weather to deal with any adverse circumstances. To avoid stress one just needs to visit a spa and get a head or foot reflexology to be refreshed so that one can handle the stress in more effective way. The ambiance too helps you feel relaxed. Color Cafe is just the right place for it and my second home also. In short the ambiance is like a palace or temple. The first rule for improving the productivity and avoiding stress is to make a planned goal and work for it. A visit to a salon & spa can give you the confidence and fresh mind to achieve any and every of your ambitious goal in life or work. Secondly, life is full of uncertainty and no one can predict that what will happen in the future, but what is in our hand is to work with positive attitude and with all our happiness by fixing the goal or aim in small quantum and be prepared for the worst and do your best which will automatically enhance your productive approach. If you need to be productive you must work with ease and without stress. It is always good to take your work seriously but it does not mean that one must handle it with stress which can lead to loss of efficient productivity. I am an advocate for the corporate world, my job involves me traveling all over the country. However the moment I step into Color Cafe, I forget all my stress, worries, tension and leave my work behind. I start restoring all my energy. After work it is my first priority to visit Color Cafe. My husband is always surprised when I return home active and fresh as a daisy! So in order to be productive you have to work smartly without any stress. For this we have to plan, be punctual and take things with smart approach which will automatically be productive and add happiness of mind.