The practice of Hot Stone Therapy or Stone Therapy was present in many cultures around the world. The type of Hot Stone Therapy that is now most prevalent in Western treatments is most likely derived from China.
There are historical accounts confirming that the Chinese used heated stones more than 2,000 years ago as a means of improving the function of internal organs. Similarly, there are records of stones used in folklore and religious ceremonies, with the intention to heal ailments in regions as diverse as the Americas, Africa, Europe, Egypt and India. As well as practices resembling modern Hot Stone Therapy, which involved laying stones at specific points on the body after heating them to the required temperature, there were other applications of stone, including the wearing of stones as ornaments which ensured health and protection.
Spanish folk healers called curanderas used heated stones to relieve period pain and cold stones to slow bleeding after child birth. There are also examples in certain cultures in which women attempted to gain strength through stones by clutching them during labor.
Stone Therapy was present in Ancient Greece and Rome. Stone Therapy treatments were used in conjunction with Roman baths where the benefits of Stone Therapy were combined with hot immersion baths and the cooling effects of marble stone and cold pools.
The arrival of Hot Stone Therapy in the modern West began in 1993 when heated stone techniques became popular. Since then, it has become widespread around the globe once more. The full-body, Hot Stone Therapy is frequently combined with other modern therapy techniques such as Swedish Therapy and Deep Tissue Therapy.

The Hot Stone Therapy at Color Cafe helps the therapeutic heat from the stone to slowly radiates into the body, easing the muscles and inducing a state of calm relaxation. Small stones are also placed on key energy points.
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