Coloring your hair doesn't have to be a serious commitment. Whether you're new to coloring your hair or are uneasy about trying a new color trend, there's an easy way to flirt with a new color without compromising your hair health

While hair gloss may be most known as a type of hair color, this versatile treatment has so many uses and benefits for all hair types. From color-correcting brass to creating the highly sought-after glass hair, a hair gloss may be the hair-saving treatment you need.


Hair glosses help give you richness, depth, and dimension you never knew was missing from your strands. Glosses can be used as a final touch to any permanent hair color service, a standalone color or color correcting service, or on natural hair to boost vibrancy and shine.

Glosses aren't just for coloring hair. There are actually two types of hair glosses: tinted and clear. While tinted glosses provide the color pigment you expect from hair color, there are also clear gloss treatments with all the healthy hair benefits! A clear gloss will enhance your natural hair color and condition your strands, making your hair vibrant, shiny, and healthier.


hair color that fades gradually over time. Glosses, a type of demi-permanent hair color, use a mixture of direct and oxidative dyes to glaze, refresh and correct your current color without overprocessing or drying out strands. During a hair gloss service, the hair color molecules simply coat the strands of hair rather than dive deep into the cuticle as they do during a permanent hair color treatment. This keeps hair soft, shiny, and smooth while depositing beautiful color.


Since it's a form of demi-permanent hair color, a hair gloss fades gradually over time. This means you won't get any of the harsh root regrowth that comes with permanent hair color. A gloss will last anywhere from 4-6 weeks, the perfect amount of time to try out a new shade while achieving shiny, healthy-looking hair.


Hair glosses are one of the most versatile professional hair treatments out there. On top of beautiful and personalized end results, the right gloss will have health benefits for your strands.

Whether you're looking for ways to maintain your salon-fresh color or want to achieve that glass hair finish, there are countless reasons to try a hair gloss.

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Whether you’re trying to conceal a few pesky silver strands or need to hide a more significant amount of gray hair, it’s important to understand exactly what type of hair color techniques are best for dealing with your grays. Thankfully, we help you take care of your grays. when hair stops producing color and turns gray, the outer layers of the hair known as the cuticle also start to get thicker. This can make the hairs more resistant to absorbing dye, making gray coverage potentially more challenging than other color processes.


To boil it down, there are essentially two different types of color used to cover gray hair—demi-permanent or permanent. Demi-permanent hair color options deliver non-permanent pigment that will gradually fade over time. Demi-permanent colors don’t cover the gray so much as they color it, making gray hairs blend in more with the overall color and look almost like a highlight. The big benefit of taking this route is less maintenance. With demi-permanent hair color, the grow-out process is much less noticeable, and you’ll be able to go longer in between salon appointments.


On the other side of the spectrum is a permanent color, which completely covers gray hair, delivering a more solid and uniform result. To make clear, Staining it would have the same effect as demi-permanent color—you’d still be able to see the natural grain and there’d be variation in the shades and tone. Permanent color would be like taking brown paint and painting the board so that it’s totally and completely covered. For pesky grays especially, permanent color is a must!


“When you want that immediate satisfaction of leaving the salon and no longer seeing any grays whatsoever, permanent haircolor is the way to go,” If that sounds like your coverage goal, talk to our expert Hair Stylists at Color Cafe about permanent haircolor. This low-ammonia formula packs exceptional gray coverage, resulting in maximum coverage and high shine results, no matter what percentage of gray you have in your hair.


Gray coverage with permanent color often requires a single-process hair color service. Not sure what that is? With a single process service, our Hair Stylist will apply the color, let it sit and process, then rinse it off and you’re good to go. Compare that to a technique such as highlighting, where, post-rinse there’s usually another type of color (such as a gloss) applied. So yes, while permanent color may require slightly more frequent trips to the salon because those new grays will be more noticeable once they start to appear, the benefit is that those single-process coloring appointments to cover your grays will be short and sweet.

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How To Choose The Perfect Type Of Nail Extension

Nails are something that protects your fingers and your nail bed from harsh objects.Nail extension is a new way of making nails look pretty and it has been a part of the trend now.
Girls go crazy with the designs and the colours as it brings the personality out of the people. It does not only look fancy but also looks fashionable. They too hold the trends of different pattern, colour schemes, designs.
For those who don’t know what are extensions, extensions are your fake nails that give you the instant length and shape of your choice. There are different type of nail extensions that includes different materials in it.. So many interesting and unique patterns can be found in the beautiful world of nails at Color Café Salon Spa.

Different Types Of Nail Extension

1. Acrylic Nails
It is the oldest form of nail extension. It is a powder that turns into a gel with the help of liquid used in it as a chemical to solidify the paste. Then the paste takes the form of a nail and it can be filed in the shape that you like. The paste dries up automatically without the use of UV rays or any other thing.
They are made up of monomer liquid mixed with a polymer powder that forms the paste. They lasted for a good 3-4 weeks. At the time of new growth of your nails, you can get a refill.

2. Gel Nails
A thick layer is applied on your nail or on the extension to create a shape. These nails need to get dry with the help of UV rays or LED lights and requires. They are quite expensive than the acrylic ones.
They can be of any colour just like acrylics but they are on the expensive side. details can be made on the nails like marble, french or any other detailing that you want can be done.

3. Express Nails
These nails are also known as Gel-X or Apres. These nails are the fastest process of getting a nail extension, in this, the gel is applied underneath the nail and is pressed into your nails. Then they are cured under the UV rays as it needs to get fixed properly. UV rays make them stronger and
It is similar to the stick-on nails but is more durable than that. They stay for a longer period than they stick on.

4. Dip Powder
They are also known as SNS nails. If you are allergic to nail paints or you don’t like the smell of varnish you can go for powder nails. They come in different shades and colours so you don’t need to worry about that.

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4 Key To Give Your Hair a Healthy Shine

At Color cafe salon, we understand the importance of having healthy shine hair. That’s why our talented Hair stylists are dedicated to providing our clients with the best haircuts and styles that suit their face shapes and personalities. In addition to our cutting-edge services, we also offer a wide range of products to help maintain optimal hair health. We’ve got you covered, from shampoo and conditioner to hair masks and treatments!

If you’re looking for ways to give your hair a healthy shine, keep reading our blog for tips on how to keep your locks luscious!

Get Regular Trims

Getting regular trims is one of the best ways to keep your hair looking its best. Trimming off split ends prevents them from traveling up the hair shaft and causing further damage. At color cafe salon, our stylists will work with you to find the best trimming schedule for your individual needs to make your hair shine.

Benefits of regular trims - Trimming your hair actually encourage hair growth. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the appearance of broken and split ends not only damages the look and feel of your hair, but it also contributes to the appearance of shorter hair and thinner ends. Freshly cut ends also help to de-tangle your hair!

Conditioner is Key

One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny is to use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. Conditioner helps to replenish the natural oils in your hair, which can be stripped away by standard shampoo. The Hair Company uses the highest quality beauty products to nourish, strengthen and maintain your hair’s optimal style and color.

Benefits of Conditioner - Provides shine and smoothness, Tames flyaway hair, Reduces split ends, Improves manageability, Prevents hair breakage, Reduces fiber hydrophilicity, and Protects hair from chemical and mechanical trauma.

Invest in a Good Brush

Another way to keep your hair healthy is to invest in a good brush. A good quality brush will help to distribute the natural oils from your scalp down the length of your hair. This will help to keep your hair moisturized and prevent split ends. color cafe salon offers a wide range of brushes and combs to suit all hair types.

Use the Right Products

Using the right hair products can make all the difference in keeping your hair healthy and shiny. color cafe salon offers a wide range of high-quality hair care products to suit all hair types. We’ve covered you, from shampoo and conditioner to hair masks and treatments!

These simple tips can give your hair a healthy shine that lasts all day long! For more information on our services and products, visit color cafe salon. We look forward to helping you achieve the perfect look for any occasion

Is Nanoplastia Really Better Than Keratin Or Smoothening

Nanoplastia is a new method of straightening and shaping hairs. It is considered the safest treatment compared to many other hair treatments like smoothening, Keratin treatment etc.

 If you want your frizzy hair to look shiny, straight, without damaging your hair then you can try out Nanoplastia treatment. Unlike other treatments it is more like an organic kind of treatment which restores and nourishes your hair, making your hair healthy, silky, shiny and straight.

 Because harsh chemicals, formaldehyde or carbocysteine are not used in Nanoplastia treatment, it is safe for a pregnant woman as well as for children above 7 years of age. If you can't stand the smell, or burning via chemical processes then nanoplastia is for you as it is free from any intense smell or burning.

Procedure of Nanoplastia Treatment

After arriving at Color Cafe Salon, you go through below steps for getting the nanoplastia treatment.


Step 1.  Firstly they wash your hair 1 or 2 times.


Step 2. They dry your hair with a hair dryer.

Step 3. The professional applies the main solution on your hairs taking small sections of your hairs one at a time. Once the solution is applied on your hair then you have to wait for 45-90 minutes based on your hair condition.

Step 4. They rinse your hair with plain water.

Step 5. They blow dry your hair.

Step 6. They straighten your hair.

Advantages of Nanoplastia Treatment

1. Harmless organic chemicals are used in the treatment. So, Nanoplastia is a safe treatment for hair.

2. It takes 4-5 hours in complete Nanoplastia procedure.

3. No smell and burning of skin.

4. Nanoplastia treatment provides long lasting results to your hairs. You can be careless for 5-8 months about the shine, straightness of your hair, once you take the Nanoplastia hair treatment.





What is smoothening?

Smoothening provides a semi-permanent, smooth, silky, and natural straight look to your hairs. The results of this smoothening lasts for 3-5 months that's why it is called semi permanent.

In smoothening, formaldehyde solution is used to saturate the hairs. This formaldehyde solution is considered to be harmful for skin. There are many bad effects of this chemical such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, eye irritation, etc.

What is keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment provides temporary, smooth, silky, healthy, and natural straight look to hairs. The results of keratin treatment last around 2-3 months when you care for your hair enough.

Keratin is the protein which makes up the outer protective layer and internal structure of your hair strand. If somehow you lose this protein then your hair becomes dry, damaged and frizzy.

Keratin treatment fills the porous hair strands and makes them healthy. Sometimes formaldehyde is also used in keratin treatment, which may be harmful for your eyes, skin, and mental health.

Generally, Keratin products using formaldehyde try to hide the fact that formaldehyde is used in the product. So, you need to take extra care about that if you don't want to use formaldehyde on your hair.

Is Nanoplastia better than Smoothening or Keratin?

Yes, Of course the Nanoplastia treatment is better than smoothening and keratin. Here are some points showing how Nanoplastia treatment is better than smoothening or keratin.

1. In Nanoplastia, organic chemicals are used instead of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Amino acids and collagen used in Nanoplastia make your hair healthy.

2. The results of Nanoplastia last longer in comparison to both smoothening and keratin. Results of keratin treatment, smoothening, and Nanoplastia last around 2-3 months, 4-5 months, and 5-7 months respectively.

3. Results of Nanoplastia are visible immediately after treatment but in Keratin treatment, it takes 2-3 days to be completely visible the results and that often becomes frustrating to end users.

4. The cost of Nanoplastia is usually high but not very high. I think the cost of Nanoplastia is worth it because results last longer with no side effects.

5. You can apply color to your hair the very next day after taking the Nanoplastia treatment(but it is recommended to apply color after at least 2-3 days). On the other hand, You may need to wait more in case of smoothening and keratin treatment.



There are many methods to make hair straight and silky in the market like Smoothening, Rebonding, Keratin treatment, hair relaxing etc. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages but one new method named Nanoplastia is way better than these hair straightening methods.

Long lasting results with no side effects of the treatment makes the Nanoplastia No. 1.

Nanoplastia is a very natural hair treatment that you are free to do anything you want with your hair after treatment. 

We at Color Cafe Salon welcome you for best Nanoplastia treatment in Bandra.

What Are Highlights?

Hello, and welcome back to the Color Cafe Beauty Blog! Today, we are going to discuss highlights! We’ll cover the historical background of highlights and highlighting techniques, as well as how those techniques have changed over time. Sound like fun? Let’s do this thing.
So, believe it or not, highlights have been around FOREVER. It is believed that the first highlighting technique was developed by the people of Ancient Greece around 4 B.C. The first “bleach” was a mixture of gold flakes, olive oil, and pollen native to the area! (Would you ever put that on your head?!) After this mixture was applied to someone’s hair, they were made to sunbathe for hours at a time. Needless to say, this method is pretty time-consuming and ineffective, but it was continually used by many people and cultures for centuries.
During the Renaissance period, the formula for gorgeous highlights shifted only slightly; alum (a crystallized compound), honey, lemons, and a sulfur mixture were mixed together, and then applied to the head over a cap-less, wide-brimmed hat! After the mixture was applied, of course, the hat-wearing client then sat in the sun for hours. This mixture was slightly more effective than that of the Ancient Greeks, due to the sulfur and lemons, but it was extremely tedious, and no one wants their hair to smell like rotten eggs. (Silly, silly Renaissance folk.)
The modern highlights we know and love today were developed in the early 20th century, along with the first highlighting caps (pictured below). When using the highlight cap, the client wears a tight cap, similar to a swimming cap, with tiny holes all over it. Strands of hair are pulled through the holes in the cap, and lightener is applied to those strands.
This method prevents excessive amounts of lightener bleeding onto the strands meant to remain the client’s natural color. The first step towards using bleach was made during the early 1900’s, when hydrogen peroxide was popularly used for highlights. During WWI, a massive decline in hair services also lead to a lack of innovation in the field, and it was not until the 1960’s and 70’s that highlights returned to popularity.

Highlighting Cap

Foiling highlights were first introduced in the 1980’s to produce a much more natural look than the cap highlights. Foiling allows a stylist to have more freedom in placing highlights to better achieve a look that is tailored to the client specifically. Lowlights also gained popularity after foiling hit the scene, as clients with naturally lighter hair colors wanted to add dimension to their look, too!
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Fact You Must Know About Acrylic Nail Extension

Don’t we all enjoy gorgeous nails with interesting designs?  Nothing beats a good manicure day, followed by an appointment with a nail extension professional, when it comes to enhancing your OOTD. We must attend a nail extension salon, especially before a wedding or a big function, to acquire nail art that suits our dress. While it may appear simple to sit in a salon and have your nails done, there is something that worries a lot of people, that is about obtaining a set of those perfect nail extensions. If we suggest than one can have Acrylic Nail Extensions. So many interesting and unique patterns can be found in the beautiful world of acrylic nails at Color Cafe salon & spa.

Acrylic nails, despite their reputation for being connected with extra-long looks, allow you to experiment with numerous lengths and designs, whether you desire a short, square French manicure or a set of long, neon-pink stiletto-shaped nails. Because these manicures are long-lasting, you’ll want to make sure the design is one you like. They’re made by combining a powder (polymer) and a liquid (monomer) into a dough-like consistency that can be filed and shaped. The powders are normally transparent, although they come in a variety of colors. A skilled nail artist can then design whatever your imagination conjures up.


Acrylic Nail extensions are regarded of as flashy, in trend, or a method to indulge oneself every now and then, depending on who you ask. According to us it is a blank canvas for self-expression. You can turn your nails into a work of art with just the proper amount of knowledge! Long acrylic claws make a woman feel more powerful than anything else. They’re one of the few long-lasting nail art options, along with Acrylic extensions. The claim to fame is simple: they last 4-6 weeks and are more durable than most other types of nail extensions, including gel extensions. They’re also incredibly adaptable, with a vast choice of colours, designs, and art styles to choose from. So we can confidently say that the days of damaged nails and cheap polish are long gone. If you’re serious about having gorgeous, multicoloured nails for a long time, acrylic nails are a good option. Even though many individuals desire long nails, some of us do not have the good fortune of having healthy and attractive nails. Many of us are prone to anxiety-related nail-biting. Breakage at a particular length, brittle or splittable nails, or a nail-biting habit are all possible reasons for not being able to grow your nails out. Nail extensions are the ideal shortcut for them to attain our fantasy nails.

The word “Acrylic nail extensions” refers to a variety of artificial nails or nail tips. These are nail-like accessories that are applied over your natural nails instead of using ordinary nail paint or getting a manicure. Because they are more durable than ordinary nail polish, while the latter can be scraped off with just a nail polish remover, nail extensions must be removed by a nail technician. Nail extensions on bitten, short, or damaged nails are the most effective approach to hide nail flaws and achieve attractive, long nails. Furthermore, even if you had flawless, strong nails, why would you want to wait the entire time to grow them out? Imagine being rewarded with lengthy nails in under an hour! The endurance of this nail method is the first thing that attracts people to it. After about two weeks, regular nail polish starts to peel off. They also don’t provide any protection for your nails.

Acrylic extensions, on the other hand, are more versatile but only last around two weeks and more. Acrylic extensions are made by mixing monomer liquid and polymer powder to make a long-lasting, air- drying nail extension. On your nails, this potent blend can last up to 6 weeks. To keep your acrylic nails looking as fresh as new, you’ll need to arrange fill-ins at the nail salon every two weeks. This is because the growth of cuticle beds will be seen around this period. Many salons recommend that you let your nail tips grow out a little before getting an acrylic nail procedure since it aids in the product’s adhesion. Women with brittle or weak nails can benefit from acrylic extensions. Acrylics are ideal for women who chew their nails because they are extremely difficult to remove. Acrylic nails have been around longer than their counterparts, so most salon and spa nail technicians are well-versed in how to apply and remove them. There are no negative side effects to be concerned about. They are more durable than gel nails.



  1. While acrylics are designed to last, their substance is susceptible to breakage. So, when it comes to your nails, be gentle! Avoid physical activities that require heavy lifting, scrubbing, or scraping, among other things. If necessary, wear gloves to protect your nails from direct contact. Gardening and dishwashing are two examples of jobs that may necessitate extra caution.
  2. You can put a gel manicure on top of it if you really want your nails to last. While more expensive, the extra coating will keep your acrylic nails in place for longer. Furthermore, you won’t have to choose between gel and acrylic nail extensions because you’ll have the best of both worlds.
  3. Its difficult not to take matters into our own hands in this age of DIY. When our acrylics develop a chip or two, we may attempt to repair them or, worse, remove them on our own. This should not be done. It may be tempting, but acrylic nails are particularly hard on natural beds, so you may end up doing more harm than good! It’s recommended to seek the assistance of your nail artist if your nails break or lift. The removal process necessitates the assistance of a professional. Make sure you don’t try to fix a nail lift on your own with nail glue! In the worst-case scenario, this might not only harm your nails, but also trap bacteria and cause an infection. Always entrust the process of restoration to your professional salons.

If you’re pretty confident about your DIY skills, then we would suggest that you invest in an Acrylic Extension Kit which is available at Color Cafe salon & spa With this kit you’ll be able to maintain salon-quality nails for a long time! This kit will ensure that you have a very good This package is a must- have for nail professionals, nail technicians, salon professionals, salon owners, and entrepreneurs. Both at the salon and at home, the Acrylic Extension Kit can be used. From the essentials to core high-quality acrylic nail products, professional tools, and nail machinery, everything you’ll need is included in the box.

Acrylic extension lovers who want to make their nails seem stunning and eye-catching, as well as nail biters and clients with weak or thin nail beds, will benefit from our Acrylic Extension Kit. Personally, we believe that your nails are an extension of your body and should be treated as such. We think of them as a glam accessory or a way to amp up the dramatic flair of a look.

The Nail Shop which is a One-Stop Shop for genuine nail products, including nail polishes, gel polishes, nail lacquers, nail treatments, finishing products, manicure and pedicure products, files, tools, acrylics, and more. It is the only portal in India where both salon professionals and nail lovers (consumers) can find fantastic deals and pricing on a variety of nail items.

Stress & Productivity

By Chitra Kumari,
Advocate (High Court),
Guest from Color Cafe salon

The modern world is full of hectic schedule and overambitious aspiration of each human being. Today we have lost our emotions and societal behavior in the race against time, money and comfort. In the wake of achieving our lofty and commercial aspiration human behavior has become more stressful in order to achieve more productivity. According to WHO report, every third person in the world is victim of stress leading to depression and finally reducing the efficiency of productivity. As far as relationship between stress and productivity is concerned both the actions are inversely related which means, when stress factor increases it causes loss of productivity. If we consider the scientific relationship same can be explained that every matter is productive when it is in its normal state of configuration. Even psychological research emphasize that when you are in stress you deviate yourself from normal approach if work which decreases your efficiency to more productive. A creative and productive mind requires healthy and open thinking. Some people work better in stress but that too has limited application restricted to particular level.
But for increasing productivity and adding efficient productivity requires controlled activity of body, which can also train your body and mind to prepared for hard times where you can handle the stress in more effective way. For instance, when I went for my body spa I felt to so rejuvenated and prepared for all weather to deal with any adverse circumstances. To avoid stress one just needs to visit a spa and get a head or foot reflexology to be refreshed so that one can handle the stress in more effective way. The ambiance too helps you feel relaxed. Color Cafe is just the right place for it and my second home also. In short the ambiance is like a palace or temple. The first rule for improving the productivity and avoiding stress is to make a planned goal and work for it. A visit to a salon & spa can give you the confidence and fresh mind to achieve any and every of your ambitious goal in life or work. Secondly, life is full of uncertainty and no one can predict that what will happen in the future, but what is in our hand is to work with positive attitude and with all our happiness by fixing the goal or aim in small quantum and be prepared for the worst and do your best which will automatically enhance your productive approach. If you need to be productive you must work with ease and without stress. It is always good to take your work seriously but it does not mean that one must handle it with stress which can lead to loss of efficient productivity. I am an advocate for the corporate world, my job involves me traveling all over the country. However the moment I step into Color Cafe, I forget all my stress, worries, tension and leave my work behind. I start restoring all my energy. After work it is my first priority to visit Color Cafe. My husband is always surprised when I return home active and fresh as a daisy! So in order to be productive you have to work smartly without any stress. For this we have to plan, be punctual and take things with smart approach which will automatically be productive and add happiness of mind.

Why visit a Salon & Spa?


Director & CSO, Color Cafe Salon

Pali Hill, Bandra West.

A busy week is a part of our life. Exhaustion, stress, tension and work pressure are few of the most common and frequent emotions a person can feel in today's world. In this, finding time for refreshment and relaxation is extremely difficult. Time and weekends are the most important thing that we have and a person thinks twice before they invest it somewhere.

However won't it be amazing to feel not only rejuvenated but also ready to jump right back into your work packed schedule? Won't it be nice to have a fresh and healthy mindset when you get back to your tasks? And won't it be nice to have a break without looking for faraway holiday destinations?

Well, here is where a Salon & Spa comes in. An all-in-one solution.

Let's understand it through an example.

We have two people here. Mickey and Donald. Now Mickey is the CEO of a Multinational Company. He works day in and day out. Donald is the General Manager in an another company. He too, works extremely hard. Weekend arrives. CEO Mickey and GM Donald, both are to work for an important presentation on billion dollars Investment in share market for their client on Monday. Both of them are very stressed and exhausted after a long tiring week. GM Donald goes home and gets straight to work. Where else CEO Mickey books an appointment for a body spa therapy, foot and head reflexology. After the spa, he gets home, refreshed, recharged and highly energized and goes out again with his family for a lovely dinner. He then gets to work.

On the other hand, GM Donald who got right to work had an argument with his family, is over-stressed for his presentation, has anxiety, is making frequent mistakes while preparing his part of the presentation and isn't fully focused on work.

Monday arrives. GM Donald is late because he worked late at night for the presentation without sleep. Whereas CEO Mickey has arrived an hour early to look over the set up for the presentation and recheck everything twice.

During the presentation, GM Donald messes up a lot and CEO Mickey is cool, calm and collected.

We can all guess who handled the presentation well.

A break is what one needs before and after a busy week. CEO Mickey, who de-stressed himself was ready to work. Whereas GM Donald who was working without a break didn't think about recharging himself.

The concept here is very simple. As long as your body is refreshed, your mind is in a state of peace.

A salon & spa helps in both. Peace of mind and refreshment of body. Self care is one of the best things a person can do for themselves. It not only affects you but also your loved ones, your career, environment and work life.