For the makeup that celebrates you for your happily ever after


Jammu-Kashmiri weddings, without a doubt, are very intriguing and bound with time-honored traditions that are famous all around the world. From rituals to décor to food, Jammu-Kashmiris take pride in their traditions. Amidst the imperishable beauty, Jammu-Kashmiri brides as the star of the show. We know very closely that Jammu-Kashmiri has rich hospitality during marriage ceremonies.

Jammu-Kashmiri’s are never happy with anything less than the King-Queen look hence our expert and professional make-up artists from Team Color Cafe give the brides the right look they want to shine throughout the night. Right from the draping of glamorous Pheran to the unique and perfect make-up look and the incrate Mehendi just right for the bride for her to the center of attention on her special day!

Punjabi Brides

There is no wedding like a Punjabi Wedding with all the vibrant colors, dhol, the late-night partying and obviously the center of all the oh’s and ah’s, the Punjabi Brides.

Our expert and professional make-up artists from Team Color Cafe provide you with a glamorous look that is sure to last you throughout the ceremony and the after-party! Our aim is to give you just the right look that accentuates your natural beauty but also adds a bit of drama and sass. From the dark and bold colors to define your radiant smile to the earthy shades that’ll bring out your eyes. We’ve got everything covered.

Gujarati Brides

A Gujarati wedding is a wide mix of tradition, colors and timeless rituals that reflect the vibrant and rich culture of Gujarat. And to put the charm in a Gujarati wedding, we have the bride herself.

Our expert and professional make-up artists from Team Color Cafe only put our best efforts in bringing out the perfection of the bride. Gujarati Brides have a very bright and gorgeous appearance on the wedding day and this is possible only if everything right from the base to the draping of the Ghar Chola is perfect, which our expert and professional make-up artists from Team Color Cafe will give you.

Rajasthani Brides

When one thinks about Rajasthan, a few of the first things that come to mind are royalty, rich cultural heritage and a glamorous lifestyle, which is clearly seen in their wedding traditions.

Weddings from the desert state are truly one-of-a-kind with the decorations, vibrant colors, traditional and folk dance forms &music, and a Rajasthani woman on her wedding day looks nothing less than a queen. From her gorgeous and colorful embroidered dress, the exquisite pieces of jewelry that she wears, the royal hairstyle she flaunts, the intricately designed mehndi work on her hands and legs to the regal makeup and look that she carries, a Rajasthani bride looks iconic.

From countless experiences with Rajasthani Bridals, we know that Rajasthanis don’t compromise when it comes royal-like treatment and look, so along with our expert and highly qualified make-up artists from Team Color Cafe, we help the magnificent Rajasthani brides attain this iconic look in all aspects.

Marathi Brides

A Maharashtrian lagan is universally described as simple yet beautiful and the bride follows the same concept.

A nauvari saree, traditional solah shringar jewelry including nath and of course the mundalvaya without which a Marathi navari is incomplete. To complement the look, a marathi bride is choosy about just the right amount of make-up because less is always more. Our expert and professional make-up artists from Team Color Cafe give you just the right look for your special day. It’s all available at your doorstep from saree draping to make-up and incrate hairstyles!


Like all Indian weddings, a Muslim wedding is unique and diverse in its own way. A Muslim wedding is about faith, love, and belief. Right from the Salatul Ishtikara to the Nikah. And the bride is nothing less than a Shahzadi herself.

It is our pride to make this Shahzadi the highlight of the evening with just the right touches needed. Our expert and professional make-up artists from Team Color Cafe believe in nothing less than perfection and perfection only.